75138 unit f966 rebellion and disorder

John felt unable to accept an archbishop foisted on him. If it is not, then a ceiling of Level III should be applied; if candidates ignore individuals entirely in favour of institutions, then apply a ceiling of Level IV.

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Evaluation of the degree to which the role of officials changed Candidates must address the theme over the full period. They may argue that any of these was the main turning point or that there was a number of equally important turning points.

The best essays are likely to explain the changes thematically and examine several developments over time. This may well be achieved by comparing political and economic factors reign by reign or by comparing them sequentially.

Arguably most important was the chief justiciar whose origins lay in the work of Ranulf Flambard under William II, developed under Roger of Salisbury and reached its apogee with Hubert Walter from to From Henry II s time the office 75138 unit f966 rebellion and disorder chief justiciar was a great office of state and its incumbent had control over the Exchequer as well as virtually running the country in the king s absence, so enabling English government to continue to flourish despite royal absenteeism.

Assessment of social and economic factors in causing rebellion.

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Candidates are reminded of the synoptic nature of this Unit. It was completely destroyed, with all infantry either killed or taken prisoner. Permission to reproduce items where third-party owned material protected by copyright is included has been sought and cleared where possible.

He suffered only minor wounds from his ordeal. Here the Jesuits will figure in most essays although better answers will consider other sects. Comparative assessment of the effectiveness of Trent and the new orders.

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Government legislation was one of many factors responsible for upholding political stability during this period. Expect the best answers to define power of France and compare their chosen monarch s with others across the whole period. However, candidates may wish to argue that most of these changes began in the Anglo-Norman period and that subsequent changes were more ones of degree than kind.

France How far did the French Wars of Religion mark a turning-point in the development of the nation state from to ? However, candidates should evaluate his work in the light of the contribution of other factors. An alternative line of argument is that institutional developments, such as the Council of Trent, the new orders, the papacy and inquisition, were just as important if not more so than the contribution of individuals.

Some candidates may point to exceptions to the statement which is fine.

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Assess how different social groups were affected by the ascendancy of France during the period from to Focus: This question is about economic factors and better candidates are likely to link these directly to the development of a more unified state.

Becket took a stand on the treatment of criminous clerks and the power of ecclesiastical courts. Candidates should reflect on how far France s development turned or continued after Political, foreign, religious, economic, social and cultural themes are all relevant.

Between andthe terms of Medina del Campo underpinned Anglo-Spanish relations. Candidates need to focus on the period and compare these years with the later period. Candidates need to see how the wars of religion affected the development of the nation state by examining the condition of France before and after The long wars had a dislocating effect on society and the economy, slowed down political centralisation, led to two faiths co-existing rather uneasily, tarnished the monarchy s reputation for absolutism and reduced the status of France as the dominant power in Europe.

The main turning point in the development of English common law in the period from to came in the reign of Henry II. Parliamentary statutes and Acts of the Privy Council underpinned effective administrations and strong leadership of central government. Parliament eventually won the battle.

Background[ edit ] Sir Arthur Haselrig in his cuirassier armour. Better responses will be aware that Elizabeth s growing friendship with the crown in Scotland and France enabled her to take a more aggressive stance towards Spain, the Netherlands and America. Innocent III felt able to intervene in the Canterbury election because of the growth of papal power in the twelfth century and because, on grounds of church reform, he wanted a canonically elected and consecrated archbishop.- BIOHAZARD*state of the world address B*mata leao B*new world disorder B*uncivilization B*means to an end B - BIOSPHERE *patashnik B - BIRDLAND* radioactive B Jan 31,  · Basic Information on Dissociative Identity Disorder with sections on Basic Information on DID from the DSM-IV-TR, The History of DID/MPD, stopping child abuse crimes: childadvocate: 1/18/09 PM: The religious tolerance pages are written without data to back them up.

They ignore most of the data in the field on the. Unit F Historical Themes. Option A: Medieval and Early Modern Key Theme: Rebellion and Disorder in England – Time: 2 hours. Past questions. Jan 7 ‘Social and economic conditions were always a factor, but rarely the trigger.’ Assess this view of. (including the new A* grade at A2) NOT supplied with examination paper after ) Heinemann is the exclusive publisher partner for OCR GCE Sciences.

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75138 unit f966 rebellion and disorder
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