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For the first time, over 50 percent of the incoming class will be women, and once again over 50 percent of the incoming students come from communities of color. In fact, discrimination is a denial of human dignity and human rights.

Though many employers believe that affirmative action help the company to become more diverse. In education institutions the administration can give preference to the qualified members of the A essay on affirmative action benefits groups.

In fact, Asian Americans have been among the greatest direct beneficiaries of various affirmative action programs. Although the cause for test score gaps deserves further explorationaffirmative action is not a cause for the gap.

Only recently have they recruited Asian Americans to their cause. Ina national poll co-sponsored by my organization, Asian Americans Advancing Justice — AAJC, found that 64 percent of Asian American voters favor programs that are designed to help African Americans, women and other minorities access higher education.

In many cases, these programs can account for over 25 percent of college admissions. The environment at the work premises should be such that it offers a level praying ground for all workers employed. It benefits all in the society. Shaw, The main objection is that positive discrimination, according to opponents, is in fact nothing more than a tool of infringing on the rights of the majority in favor of minorities.

The policy enables the minority groups to get equal opportunities in the governmental institutional and educational sector. Their end goal is not protecting Asian Americans against discrimination. Most Asian Americans we have spoken to believe the complaints are misguided and misplaced.

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Affirmative action policies for educational opportunities are particularly important to Asian Americans. InHarvard University welcomed an incoming class in which more than 50 percent of students come from communities of color — with Asian Americans leading the way as Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy If any of these conditions are not met, then this is not an affirmative action but discrimination.

Rather than seek ways to dismantle diversity on campus, we need to improve the diversity of Asian American representation to include underrepresented ethnic groups of Southeast Asians, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. Selection of people using affirmative action will motivate members of the minority groups.

The concept of reverse discrimination can be eliminated by educating the masses on the benefits of affirmative action.

The Pro's and Con's of Affirmative Action Essay

Colleges and universities hold spots for legacy students, special admissions for example, for publicly known figures or wealthy donors or college athletes before they even begin to consider general admission and a holistic approach to a diverse student body. For example, the achievement of minority representatives in the eyes of society are not significant, perceived as the result not of their own efforts, but only due to the provided benefits.

Stated differently, the removal of affirmative action overwhelmingly would benefit white people, not Asian Americans.

Asian Americans support affirmative action because they know that they still face discrimination and stereotyping in many areas, including employment, contracting and housing. Nondiscrimination alone will achieve our social goals; stronger affirmative action is unnecessary.

The Department of Justice recently announced it would investigate a claim by some Asian American groups that Harvard University is discriminating against Asian American students through race-conscious policies.

Affirmative Action Benefits Everyone — Including Asian Americans

These goals benefit everyone, including Asian Americans. Some argument for A essay on affirmative action benefits action are: Asian Americans need to champion Asian Americans and support all communities of color in fighting any attempts to dismantle affirmative action programs.

This deliberate approach to fostering a culturally diverse learning environment also results in expanding educational opportunities for all communities of color.

The policy as first applied partially and later on wholly leading to various criticisms. This is an unusual move for the Justice Department, which in the last two years has targeted civil rights policiesreversing progress achieved over decades. This is what affirmative action policies do and have done lawfully for years.

But discrimination against a particular group is fundamentally different from a program that simply recognizes the importance of diversity. These conservative groups are only interested in dismantling affirmative action by any means necessary and using any ethnic group that is convenient.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy When employers speak about positive discrimination, they mean affirmative action, which include specific measures to eliminate the disadvantages associated with one of the protected criteria at the work place such as gender and ageto prevent or compensate it, and to ensure full equality.

That the department appears to be recruiting political appointees for this effort rather than using career civil service attorneys from the Civil Rights Division shows the political nature of this inquiry. Measures of affirmative action are always very controversial, because they mean a temporary preference for a particular group over another in order to compensate for past inequalities, and the provision of equal opportunities to the targeted groups for example, women, ethnic minorities at present, for the realization of all fundamental freedoms, particularly in education, employment and business.

Shaw, But it is necessary to stress that measures of affirmative action can only be performed in accordance with the following conditions: Affirmative action properly administered, is one of a number of good tools to address these and related issues of race relations.May 14,  · Let’s find ways to continue celebrating the benefits of affirmative action instead of using wedge politics and trying to pit one community against another.

First-person essays, features. For affirmative action, properly administered, doesn’t just benefit minorities. It benefits all in the society.’’ (Tomasson, ) Discrimination against the minority groups in the past prompted the application of affirmative action.

- Affirmative Action Affirmative action is a deliberate effort to provide full and equal opportunities in employment, education, and other areas for women, minorities, and individuals belonging to other traditionally disadvantaged groups. Affirmative action helped me find freedom from the constraints of my background.

What’s more, it has allowed me access to the tools and knowledge I can use to help those like me free themselves from the constraints of their own racial and economic backgrounds. Maybe affirmative action places a stigma on its recipients.

Benefits of Affirmative Action Programs Essay. Benefits of Affirmative Action Programs The purpose behind affirmative action programs during the admissions process of universities is to promote equal opportunity, and to.

Opponents of affirmative action have succeeded in associating the phrase with unfair advantages for undeserving minorities and women. A article in Stanford Magazine, by David Sacks and Peter Theil, is a perfect and well-written example: "Over the past quarter of a century, Stanford has been discriminating in favor of racial minorities in .

A essay on affirmative action benefits
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