Airline game report on the simulation

We love to hear your feedback. The flow of the game is controlled by the servers at The Airline Game and we offer different game scenarios from time to time.

The individuals or groups should then accept the personal role in the process of achieving the end state with the accountabilities, risks and the acceptable risks. After an organization has stated its mission and identified all the stakeholders it then needs a way of measuring progress towards the objectives.

The models used in financial planning in the airline industry can fit in the daily life activities.

Just switch to another one! The ability to research performance on specific routes and costs associated with the service can be analysed prior to aircraft acquisition.

Other natural additions will be inclusion of budget, time, and specifications to reporting on projects.


This makes the company to attain consistent profits and growth in varied areas it operates in. They are quantifiable measures that are agreed to before hand and those which reflect the critical success factors of a given firm and they vary depending on organizations.

The scenario editor enables users to upload their own images into a scenario, edit the business plan, change the AI shares and values, fuel prices and much more. Question 6 From the simulation I got to learn various things.

This is what the company considered in engaging in a prescriptive approach Morden, Apart from allocation of budget for activities like staffing, there lacks an opportunity to have the implementation details.

What airline simulation games have you tryed?

To fund expansion, teams can sell stock or take out loans. Timetables The Airline Game timetables display the airline logo, the flight number, the departure point, the first intermediate stop, the operating airline in case of code shares, the flight number.

M Competitive advantage: Real-Time Operations The simulation runs in real-time: This possibly resulted to inaccurate estimation of resources whereby some individuals were overworked, some timeline dates were missed.

Convinced you could build a super airline if only you had control over aircraft types, seating configuration, advertising, service levels, pricing and maintenance? There failed to be commitment amongst the staff to attain the set goals.

Using the daily life situations in the financial analysis makes the process a bit easier.

Creating and sustaining superior performance Shapiro, A.He makes fun of me for playing an online airline management simulation called AirwaySim. But in my opinion, this computer game is great fun for anyone who loves airlines, even if you moved out of your mom’s basement years ago.

Airline is a sophisticated interactive simulation and should not be taken lightly by your team.

About the Game

Success in the game, both in terms of the learning experience and company profits, is directly related to the degree of organization. Airline Simulation Performance Report - Atlas Airways Published on Jun 1, Having finished 2nd in our industry as a result of our team's participation in a 2 year Airline Management Simulation.

The Strategy Simulation Airline The airline company currently operates in multiple cities but has the option of expanding into new markets, including international and.

View Essay - Airline Simulation Report from MGMT at University of New Mexico. Corporate Success As we start off the simulation in quarter 0, our reliability is set at 92, quality at 68 and stock%(39).

The Airline Game is a web based simulation for players who wish to complete against people from around the world. There is no software to install - all you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

We have users who play on their iPads, their PC's, Windows 8 Tablets, Windows Desk Tops, Android tablets.

Airline game report on the simulation
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