Examining exclusivity in mass marketing

Compared to mass marketing, direct marketing is relatively new. Inthe Mentzelopoulos family and Margaux brand had to ask themselves this question- should they extend into the mass market or maintain their exclusivity? The following are the options that should be considered prior to adjusting any marketing strategies or altering the brand, well as the pros and cons to each decision: In this particular case, the Margaux business has a close-tie who is very familiar with the distributorship and marketing of wine, and therefore this is a solution to one of the issues; however there are several of the other issues that remain very pertinent concerns, as we will discuss later on.

Mass Marketing and Direct Marketing

This allows them to maximize profitability. Preserve the Luxury or Extend the Brand? This would be a good example of how to build your brand and research new markets simultaneously.

Retrieved May 10,from stylist. However, advertisers and sellers consider the method somewhat indispensable because the products that they are selling are either attractive to or are believed to be essential to people from all walks of life who are watching television, reading newspapers or magazines, and Examining exclusivity in mass marketing to radio programs.

What Men Want – Examining the Male Consumer in Beauty and Personal Care

A Dilemma of Luxury and Marketing: In the s, before the advent of direct marketing, only big advertisers could usually afford to market products using the mass media due to the prohibitive costs involved. Unfortunately, there have been cases where luxury suffered losses when expanding into the mass market.

This would create an even higher profit margin, but it ignores the new ideas presented for the brand, which were to expand the brand in another direction. If they decided to distribute their mid-range brand to higher-end wine distributors within France, they could establish their name as an affordable value wine.

Furthermore, they should use the Bordeaux label and a completely separate Brand name and logo. It also could prove to be vastly unprofitable and deter the family from purchasing land in Bordeaux for a similar market and save the company from wasting money on land there —as it is more expensive and also more easily traced to their original brand.

The former, which is usually employed by large companies, is the more costly method since it targets a broad market while the latter, which is favored by small and medium scale organizations, is relatively cheaper as it is aimed at a specific target market. This concept, which involves reaching individual customers through telephone calls, electronic mails, or the postal service, caught fire during the twenty-first century.

What did the experts do? Retrieved May 1,from hbr. Fantastic ideas often come out of joint ventures or partnerships due to multiple perspectives; however, the quality of the brand may also suffer if both parties are not on the congruence.

Due to these statistics, I think that it is important to note the difference that a new venture can make. I believe that in this case the company would benefit from branching into the branded wines mass market.

However, it would also be an easy addition to the already prosperous brand, and it would produce an almost guaranteed revenue source. The Best of the Best Alen Gojceta, midmarket sales manager from IBM Croatia, suggests that rather than adhering to any of the aforementioned ideas, the company should create a wine that is even more exclusive than their already present wines, and sell directly from the Chateau Dessain, The problem with this would be the amount of resources required to research the U.

Some of the products which are mass marketed are different brands of bath soap, detergent bars, toothpaste, and face powder. Wal-Mart relies on mass production of the products they sell to keep manufacturing and shipping costs down.

Seemingly exclusive products appeal to the masses that do not normally shop at, or cannot afford to shop at more exclusive retailers like Urban Outfitters.

Also if the once exclusive product sells at all is a gamble in marketing and sales. They have utilized specific merchandising layouts in-store and marketing strategies to distinguish one type of consumer from the other.

Retrieved April 20,from http: Matching the appeal of the original product, timing of launch so as to miss out on the value while it exists and availability to the masses can impact how well a trendy product will sell at a big box store.

This is because a company who targets millions of people just could not afford to contact them directly and individually. Using the aforementioned data, it is easy to conclude that the Chateau de Margaux brand is performing very well, yet there is always a question if a company can be doing even better than they already are.

Retrieved April 25,from First Look: Inthey launched the Edmond Frette line, a more cost effective brand targeting a younger market. Profitability is not at the core of counterculture; unique style and individualism are.

Examining Exclusivity in Mass Marketing

Retrieved April 30,from http: Counterculture is the alternate of culture, even a subculture.American Express: Examining the strategies of a leading mass affluent brand.

Pages: 18; Published: Analyze American Express's brand positioning and how its marketing helps it portray an air of exclusivity. Examining the strategies of a leading mass affluent brand. Marketing the media with sexuality and violence: Is it ethical?

American Express: Examining the strategies of a leading mass affluent brand

in communication studies. Unlike the extant literature, this research considers these phenomena as marketing instruments used by the mass media and approaches them from business ethics It seeks to answer the research question by examining some fundamental business ethics.

Brand corrosion: mass-marketing’s threat to luxury automobile brands after merger and acquisition Pavel Sˇtrach University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic, and.

Gases are made up of particles with no defined volume but with a defined mass. In other words their volume is miniscule compared to the distance between themselves and other molecules. Examining Exclusivity in Mass Marketing.

Portugal Essay; singles Essay; Black-and-white films Essay; Economics Essay; Death Essay; United States Essay. The Luxury of Sustainability: Examining Value-Based Drivers of Fair Trade Consumption.

Chapter The Luxury of Sustainability: Examining Value-Based Drivers of Fair Trade The mass marketing. Mass Marketing and Direct Marketing Mass marketing is the traditional method of selling while direct marketing is a new innovation in marketing and advertising. The former, which is usually employed by large companies, is the more costly method since it targets a broad market while the latter, which is favored by small and medium scale.

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Examining exclusivity in mass marketing
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