Factor affecting performance of stock market

It, in turn, increases their bottom-line along with raising their share prices.

16 Important factors that influence share prices

Changes in economic policy If a new government comes into power, it may decide to make new policies. Companies drastically affected are the ones involved in overseas operations.

Trading Center Want to learn how to invest? In case returns offered by markets in other countries are attractive, then institutional investors would sell their securities in order to invest in those markets.

About the Valuation Multiple The valuation multiple expresses expectations about the future. Therefore more buying would take place and share prices increase.

Management profile Management profile significantly influences success of companies and therefore they have an important influence on share prices. Industrial relations In case there is good relationship between the workers and the management of a company, the productivity would be high leading to better profits.

Economic and political shocks Changes around the world can affect both the economy and stock prices. It likely would raise the demand for, and price of, natural resources used to make these parts, which would raise the price of stocks representing particular mining and natural resource processing companies.

The occurrence of Natural disasters, thus, results in fall in the stock prices of companies. Inflation and Interest Rates One of the more predictable influences of the stock market are periodic adjustments of interest rates by the U. Interest rates may be lowered to encourage people to borrow more.

Investors abandon shares of the loss-making company. However, you may witness an intermittently increased preference for gold and bonds during uncertainties.

Five Factors or Events that Affect the Stock Market

Commodities however, may do better with inflation, so their prices may rise. If the management comprises of educated, experienced professionals with a successful track record then share prices would be higher. Revenue from exports decline, and stock prices of such companies in the home country fall.

In case speculation is at a low level then the fluctuations in share price would be lower. Conversely, an undefined and weak political manifesto makes the stock prices to slide.

Some important research has been done about the demographics of investors. On the other hand if the demand of securities is less than the supply buyers are less than the sellersprices of securities decrease. Demand for shares would be more and therefore prices rise.

And you can sometimes wait a long time in the hope that other investors will notice the fundamentals. They, in turn, increase the lending rates. This is known as monetary policy. Market Psychology At the end of the day, swings in the stock market are caused by human beings.

This makes borrowing costlier for them. First, it is a function of perceived risk. Before the financial crisis ofa negative correlation was observed between the two.

Sometimes these changes can be seen as good for business, and sometimes not. Some of these indirectly affect fundamentals. Hype Stocks and the stock market also can be affected by hype about a company or the release of new products or services.

Factors That Affect the Stock Market

Take the pre-election period in India, the demonetization or US presidential elections, investors were flocking towards safer havens. A rise or fall depends on expectations of the voters from the government.

Bank rate In case of lower bank rate lower interest ratethe demand for funds would be higher and the demand for securities would he high. It results in fall in the stock prices of the company.

Many people and organizations have an interest in promoting particular stocks and industries to increase the value of their own shares and profits, and positive financial reports and stock market newsletters, Internet blogs, press releases and news reports can build high expectations for the performance of companies, which will raise the price of their stocks.

These forces fall into three categories: They may lead to changes in inflation and interest rates, which in turn may affect stock prices. If the number of bulls are more than the bears, then the prices of securities would increase. Firm-related factors Any change in the company attribute makes its stock prices volatile.

However, the converse is also true.While the performance of an individual company varies in the stock market due to news about its performance, such as earnings reports and acquisition announcements, there are outside influences that will affect stocks and the market as a whole.

Aug 29,  · All investors should be aware of some of the more common market moving influences that can affect a stock's price, so they can make better entries and catch an extra percent or two in return.

Let's take a look at eight items that can materially affect the average day's trading.

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performance of stock market is the real problem for the investors and they do not take necessary actions on the right time and ultimately suffer with losses. The objective of conducting this study is to find out the relationship between these key macro.

View the performance of your stock and option holdings Fundamental Factors. In an efficient market, stock prices would be determined primarily by fundamentals, which, at the basic level, refer.

Factors affecting the Indian stock market Theoretically, stock prices of a company should fluctuate based on a company’s performance only. But just like in any other field, theories face an immense challenge in the real world of the stock market field as well.

Factor affecting performance of stock market
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