Fad diets and the effect of media essay

Severe restriction of carbohydrates can actually deplete your body of glucose and lead to serious consequences. Low-carbohydrate diets can cause one to have trouble staying awake during the day, difficulty focusing, constipation or feelings of nausea.

Not only that, but the results do not tend to last. If your child is motivated by improving the health of his or her eating habits and maintaining a healthy weight- the timeless tips remain true: The bottom line to fad dieting is getting the user to take in less energy than they are required to use for everyday tasks; resulting in the lack of energy that causes the side effects listed in Weight Loss and Fad Diets.

Diets can be dangerous for developing teens and a meal plan that uses diet pills, restricts calories, or is limited to consuming only a select food group is typically not recommended. Our brains run on glucose, so this is dangerous. The majority of the calories at each meal are from protein and fat.

Such claims often lead to short-term effects that leave dieters unsatisfied. The potential side effects on the nervous system and the heart make it very dangerous.

This rapid growth, on top of social pressures from middle school and high school to conform to a certain image, shape or size may push some teens to experiment with regaining control over their body through dieting.

Fad diets cause quick weight loss, but such results are only short-term. There are alternate ways to losing weight that many people do not consider because they do not promise drastic weight loss in short periods of time.

Fad Dieting (Cause & Effect Paper)

In comparison to fad diets, healthy diets do not necessarily target water weight that will eventually be gained back. Sadly this media focus brings people to believe that dieting is necessary because they need to be skinny in order to feel accepted by society.

With this type of dieting, users gradually begin to change their lifestyles by forming healthy habits that will last.

Weight loss and fad diets

It is easy to say that such popularity exists as a direct result of their physical appearance and therefore leads people to associate prosperity and happiness with looks.

Fad diets lead consumers into believing that losing weight quickly is the way to go when in reality gradual dieting is more beneficial and leaves people with a greater sense of accomplishment. Fad dieting is a quick, yet unhealthy, way to lose weight in a short amount of time.

Despite the fact that varieties of fad diets are available for people to choose from, none of them support a healthy way of losing weight.

Each diet obviously attacks weight loss from different perspectives of dieting and therefore presents more opportunities for people to find the one that fits them best. The concept requires that you consume only fresh-squeezed juices and no chewed foods.

The Weight Loss and Fad Diets article on Better Health Channel suggests that symptoms of dehydration, weakness, fatigue, nausea, headaches, constipation and inadequate vitamin and mineral intake may be caused by fad diets because they cut out key foods necessary to the well-being of a person.

As is true of most fad diets, this diet has cut out one macronutrient completely carbohydrates while leaving proteins and fats available in moderation, and one food available without restriction grapefruits.

This is another reason people turn to fad dieting. Phenphedrine, a common ingredient in these diet pills, contains the stimulant Phenylephrine. There is not necessarily one fad diet that people turn to in efforts to lose weight, but a variety of them that all serve the same purposes.

These drugs are primarily aimed at appetite suppression and increased caloric burn, and while many may be effective they are not without serious health risks.

Although this is true, other diets promote healthier weight loss and tend to reveal long-term success. Again, the ultimate weight loss strategy is one of reduced caloric intake and macronutrient restriction- in this case one cuts out protein and fat.Atherosclerosis and High Fad Diets Essay - Atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis, which is a chronic inflammatory disease amongst the arteries of the human body, remains the principal cause of cardiovascular related disease (Gets, ).

We will write a custom essay sample on Fad diets and the effect of media specifically for you for only $ $/page. Despite the fact that varieties of fad diets are available for people to choose from, none of them support a healthy way of losing weight.

Not only that, but the results do not tend to last. Fad diets cause quick weight loss, but such results are only short-term. According to the first paragraph in Marjorie R. The following essay will help give you a better understanding of why fad diets are not the answer for becoming healthy.

Fa"Fad diet" is a term of popular media, not science. the whole process does not result a long effect typically. Fad diets are diets to get you into a change of eating habits or restriction in certain kinds of food. Atherosclerosis and High Fad Diets Essay Words | 5 Pages.

into Western-type diets and their effect on inducing elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and atherosclerosis; rodent models have become important in gaining knowledge of this disease and testing therapies that can potentially overturn it.

Teens and Fad Diets. Author: Teenology March 29, | General Health and Safety Comments. theme for the month- let’s explore several of the “fad” diets to which teens may be exposed in the current media and a few things to look out for when you suspect your teen is dieting.

Fad diets and the effect of media essay
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