Letter from the coffin trenches

Both young people have to endure irksome training, Harry as a soldier and Jess as an army nurse. They are full of convincing details of civilian life in New Zealand, of the hospital routines and the military life in the time of the Great War.

We have labelled each letter according to a theme from the First World War. DebbieMcCauley Jun 14, Letter format. Can we find out anything about the characters of the men who fought from these letters? Some soldiers mentioned having received the magazine or asked for it to be sent out.

The news section also provided information about those who had died, been injured, visited the office on leave or been promoted.

Letters from the Coffin Trenches

Showing of 6 next show all This book is an exchange of letters, mainly between seventeen-year-old Harry and Jessica. Others have touched on the technology of war, the movement of troops or conditions at the railheads in France.

Working with images When studying the photographs and postcards in the collection, it is helpful to explore the idea that they were produced to provide a particular message.

The in-depth research done by Ken Catran into this subject is again evident in the authentic ring of the letters. How does their experience of the First World War vary amongst these letter writers? Their letters begin enthusiastically and idealistically but gradually Harry and Jess begin to lose their illusions as the reality of the war, and its cynicism, bites home.

Good acount of life of ordinary soldier. Both are respectable young Edwardian people and in love with the romance of it all. Do you get a sense of what these soldiers miss from home?

Letters from the coffin-trenches

Before long he finds himself at Gallipoli. Their letters begin enthusiastically and idealistically but gradually Harry and Jess begin to lose their illusions as the reality of the war, and its cynicism, bites home.

Pupils ought to consider the purpose and audience for which these sources were intended. The contribution made by the Audit office was high: However, we have not included full images for several letters as these would have proved too difficult to read online.

They are arranged in 12 carefully bound folders, rather like a series of scrapbooks. After Chunuk Bair, the narrative moves swiftly and with little sentiment to its tragic conclusion.

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Harry takes part in the Gallipoli Campaign 25 April - 9 January and Jessica becomes an army nurse. He defies his parents and instead of returning to boarding school, runs away to war.

Letters from the Coffin-Trenches

Everybody who I know who has read this book hates it, just as I do. The totals of all men in khaki from the Audit office were given too. Instead of going back to his boarding school, he runs away and enlists in the army. It included photographs of all those who served in the First World War from the GWR as a whole and employees could catch up on company business and news of sporting or social events.

Unusual or technical terms have been defined within the text.Letters from the Coffin-Trenches - Kindle edition by Ken Catran. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Letters from the Coffin-trenches

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Letters from the Coffin-Trenches. In the novel “Letter from the coffin-trenches”, written by Ken Catran, is about a young lad participating in the army to fight for his country and also writing to his girlfriend for communication.

So whenever he is away they won’t lose their bond. He does this with the help of his sweetheart, Jessica. They are a wholesome Edwardian couple, steeped in all the respectable morality of their age.

Both are in love with romance. Their letters begin idealistically and enthusiastically but gradually both young people learn of the horror of war and its associated cynicism. For seventeen-year-old Harry and his girlfriend Jessica, World War One is a crusade against the Hun.

Harry enlists and is sent to Gallipoli, and Jessica leaves school and trains as a nurse. Their letters start with references to the knights of the round table but they are soon forced to face the brutal reality of war. Suggested level: secondary. Letters from the Coffin Trenches has 29 ratings and 4 reviews.

Rhondda said: This is a (fictional) personal account of the Gallipoli Campaign from two yo /5. Click to read more about Letters from the Coffin-trenches by Ken Catran.

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Letter from the coffin trenches
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