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In lateLincoln announced a formal plan for reconstruction: Another success was the expansion of both Northern and Southern economy. Although Lincoln approved of the new constitution, Congress rejected it and refused to acknowledge the state delegates who won in Louisiana in the election of Radical Republicans pushed him to include black suffrage.

Slavery was still the largest issue and the reconstruction halted because of the disagreements the people faced.

First, Black Codes began to arise in southern states which authorized sate officials to apprehend unemployed blacks for vagrancy, and hire them out to mostly plantation owners in order to pay off their vagrancy fines. As a result, the Republicans could aid African Americans […] The Ordeal of Reconstruction Freedmen Define Freedom I At first, the freed Blacks faced a confusing situation, as many slave owners re-enslaved their slaves after Union troops left.

On issues not concerned with the Slave Power, the destruction of the Confederacy, the eradication of slavery and the rights of the Freedmen, Radicals took positions all over the political map. The Confederacy was beginning to crumble; Southern cities were destroyed and the Southern economy was in ruins.

Voters had to elect government bodies who would write their new state constitution, and have it passed by Congress. When President Lincoln proposed a plan in this Reconstruction time, this plan was the plan.

Reconstruction Plans-Lincoln versus Johnson.

Lincoln plan, inrequired ten percent of the voting population of each […] With Malice toward None: His plan was very much like the Wade- Davis Bill in which he instituted a temporary governor to those southern states and had the governor allow qualified voters to elect delegates to represent them in Congress.

Although the Radical Republicans were the minority party in Congress, they managed to sway many moderates in the postwar years and came to dominate Congress in later sessions.

They demanded much harsher penalties for seceding the Union, and they refused to seat the representatives from those three states, reconstructed under Lincoln plan. They proposed an " ironclad oath " that would prevent anyone who supported the Confederacy from voting in Southern elections, but Lincoln blocked it and once Radicals passed the Wade-Davis Bill inLincoln vetoed it.

Question 4 What was the most powerful source of political unity among white conservatives in the South? Voters could then elect delegates to draft revised state constitutions and establish new state governments. In Congress, the most influential Radical Republicans were U. Both areas were able to flourish exponentially with the help and support of their […] American Civil War and Black Political Power Although the victory of the North resulted in the end of slavery, that was not the stated aim of either President Abraham Lincoln or the industrial argosies that was the dominant social class in the North when the war commenced.

All clarification will be appreciated.Sep 10,  · Reconstruction Plans-Lincoln versus Johnson. Discussion in 'Post Civil War History, The Reconstruction Period' started by Vareb, Dec 25, Vareb Banned. Joined: Jul 2, Messages: Political concerns — the Radicals wanted to keep the Republican Party in.

Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republican's Reconstruction Plans Johnson's Plan Johnson's plan was similar to Lincoln's. He didn't want to punish the South for it's mistake. Andrew Johnson: Successor to Abraham Lincoln Essay - Andrew Johnson was born on December 29,in Raleigh, North Carolina into a poor working class family.

His father died when Andrew was only three years old attempting to rescue someone from drowning. Lincoln/Johnson Reconstruction Intentions vs. Congressional Actions The Civil War, which lasted up untilwas the bloodiest battle that this Nation had ever faced.

Making it even sadder was the fact that this Nation was divided, North against South, and brothers were killing brothers, fathers killing sons. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On Radical Republicans or any similar topic For Only $/page.

Radical Republicans

order now. Lincoln and Johnson vs. the Radicals. In order to end the War he devised a plan to ere all slaves in the eye’s of the government, and on the first day of the year in 1 he announced his “Emancipation Proclamation,” declaring.

Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan vs.

Lincoln and Johnson vs. the Radicals

the Radical Republicans Complicating the process was that Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson but were less willing to use the law to grant that equality. In Julythe Radicals responded to the 10 Percent Plan by passing the Wade-Davis Bill.

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Lincoln and johnson vs the radicals essay
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