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Your unique talents show you why you make certain choices, enjoy certain activities and are better at some things than others.

Is it even possible to capture and harness that magic? Wild elephants can roam up to 50 miles a day. Make a few extra scarves and sell them on Etsy. This activity, whenever you do it, pulls you in like a tractor beam.

Those grade school memories are powerful stories My talent reveal what your talents are and how to use them. What My talent is burning inside of you at this very moment? Because My talent that, I sought out expert advice on how to not only identify, but embrace and hone in on your natural talents.

So, understand that what thrilled you as a grade school student and what thrills you as an adult are actually very similar. In a perfect world, everyone would get to use their strengths at work every day. You lived for it. Much like many other people, discovering what your talents are can be extremely hard to figure out.

Doug Wilks provided these 3 key insights to discover what your natural talents are: Sep 16, More from Inc. What made those moments so enjoyable?

You Lose Track of Time Imagine this: Why do we make certain choices and enjoy certain activities? Take two minutes and recall your most joyous memories from elementary school.

You lose track of time. What work tasks today most closely resemble that joy you felt 20, 30 years ago? Your mind, body and intuition begin working in perfect symmetry. I reached out to Doug Wilks, a talent investigator who founded StrengthsLauncher.

Do you love writing? No soccer games, no carpool, no TPS report cover sheets.

In nature, eagles can fly between 75 and miles a day. Understanding your unique talents gives you answers to these questions. Get lost in a favorite activity and lose track of time on a Saturday morning.

Or, maybe you enjoyed working on big, competitive, team-oriented projects? Launch a meet-up for local executives in your city.

Thankfully, life is a journey, not one isolated day. You may still love complex, strategic projects, but now you do it for an international consulting firm.

Getty Images Finding our natural talents can be quite difficult to do. Were you highly competitive as a 9-year-old? Does even thinking about meeting and connecting with new people send you into happiness overdrive?

Can you crochet better than anyone in the tri-state area? Hone in on what you yearn to do, and start doing it. What do you yearn to do?

Your time is your own. As you ponder these childhood memories, consider what similar activities thrill you as an adult. For me, it took me decades to find out that I was good at writing.It was never a skill that I knew I had, especially since all I ever received in High School English were C’s.

But here I am today, with millions of views on my content. MyTalent(R) is a global talent showcasing and social media site for aspiring singers, bands, models, actors, athletes, artist and athletes - worldwide! Sep 09,  · It's time to rethink talent.

Talents may be artistic or technical, mental or physical, personal or social. You can be a talented introvert or a talented extrovert.

Your talents need not be profitable, useful, or conventional, but they will always be your own, a part of what makes you into you 77%(K). REMINDER: MyTalent is an online talent management tool that works with confidential employee information.

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My talent
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