Organizational analysis of flipkart

However, to maintain a capable workforce, Amazon must reinforce its organizational culture to shape the development of human resources for long-term competitive advantage. However, the service was unsuccessful due to competition from free streaming sites, and shut down in June Amazon has a simple approach for this structural feature, involving the following geographic divisions in its operations: High demand for the phone caused the Flipkart website to crash following its midnight launch on 14 May.

The dominance of the global function-based groups and global hierarchy characteristics reduces the capacity of Amazon to rapidly respond to new issues and problems encountered in the e-commerce business.

Flipkart also stated that it had bolstered its supply chain and introduced more fulfilment centres in order to meet customer demand.

On 14 April Flipkart retracted its decision to use Airtel Zero platform. Some of these challenges include its unfair Organizational analysis of flipkart for sellers, lack of a competent logistics service and customer returns that are purely as a result of consumer fraud. The strategic objective in having this characteristic of the organizational structure is to enable the company to address issues or concerns relevant to each geographic region, considering differences among regional markets.

In emphasizing boldness, the company also facilitates openness toward new ideas based on an organizational diversity policy. How knowledge management mediates the relationship between environment and organizational structure. Another advantage of this organizational culture is its focus on the customer, ensuring that the company always satisfies consumer expectations and preferences.

Summary of the Book This book provides the readers with the latest and contemporary knowledge of the way managers work and function to increase the organizational effectiveness.

About the Authors Gareth R. The event received criticism via social media over technical issues the site experienced during the event, as well as stock shortages.

Cultural change work in progress. The company believes that conventions impose limits on potential business growth.

The corresponding cultural characteristics define the capabilities of Amazon. Amazon could also establish higher flexibility and responsiveness by increasing the empowerment or degree of autonomy of regional or local offices. A major focus is placed on the recent changes in the mobile computing and software applications and the effects of these changes in the competitive environment and the way the companies have been modifying their structures and approach to accommodate these issues.

Many users could not place orders because of high server load and errors which led to frustration among customers. Also, geographic divisions are advantageous in supporting focus on online retail market concerns and related economic conditions in certain regions, such as North America.

This included an SOS button in the mobile app called the Nanjunda button that could be used by field executives in cases of emergencies. Inc.’s Organizational Culture Characteristics (An Analysis)

The role of organizational structure. The associations between ethical organizational culture, burnout, and engagement: The book covers important topics like the organization and the environment, organizational change and organizational design.

Major competitors filed complaints against Flipkart with the Commerce Ministry, claiming that selling products lower than cost is against the commerce policy of the country. Through this characteristic of the corporate culture, Amazon maintains its effectiveness in satisfying customers as the e-commerce business expands.

Flipkart stated that it would use its technology to enhance its mobile services. An advantage of function-based groups and hierarchy is that they enable Amazon. This characteristic of the corporate culture is seen in how the company pioneered to sell a wide array of items online, initially starting with books, through data-intensive information technology.

Thus, through this feature of the corporate culture, Amazon motivates employees to think outside the box to bring the e-commerce business to its maximum potential. Copyright by Panmore Institute - All rights reserved. Development and return on execution of product innovation capabilities: North America International Amazon.

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SWOT Analysis of FLIPKART ( SWOT Diagram)

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Flipkart was founded in October by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, who were both alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and formerly worked for Amazon. The company initially focused on online book sales with country-wide shipping.

competitive landscape, Let’s see the SWOT analysis of Flipkart- The Online Megastore Flipkart is an e-commerce company founded inby Sachin and Binny Bansal.

It operates exclusively in India, where it is headquartered in. Organizational Structure of Flipkart, The best market in the today’s world is the online shopping market, where the online website holder can get a huge crowd as the people from all over the world are connecting through the internet and want the products to be delivered at their home.

Organizational Theory, Design, and Change is a comprehensive book for undergraduate and graduate students of management specializing organization theory. Summary of the Book This book provides the readers with the latest and contemporary knowledge of the way managers work and function to increase the organizational effectiveness.

Organizational analysis of flipkart
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