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Shi Tao was arrested on November 24,and charged on December 14, Throughout the s he lived in Nanjing and Yangzhou, and in he moved to Beijing to find patronage for his promotion within the monastic system.

In distinct contrast to his contemporaries known as the orthodox masters e. Upon a first viewing, however, the craggy peak in this painting seems somewhat distorted. Rocks, Orchids, and Bamboo. A monk stands placidly on a boat that floats along the Qin-Huai riverstaring up in admiration at the genuflecting stone giant.

His family reports that his living conditions improved considerably, and he was working as a tracer in a machinery plant in prison four days a week, with regular working hours.

His essays often call for political reform in government.

Shi Tao (journalist)

What makes this painting so unique is that it appears to depict the mountain bowing. Both like and unlike Bada Shanrenhis feelings for his family history can be deeply felt from these. An extract is as follows: Shi forwarded his notes taken at the meeting via e-mail to independent Chinese-language web sites abroad, which are banned in China.

Excerpts from Document Eleven issued by the General Offices of the Communist Party of China and the State Council Provided by On April 20, propaganda departments in China distributed to news organizations at various levels a Document 11 issued by the offices of the Communist Party of China and by the offices of the State Council.

His paintings have been interpreted as an invective against art-historical canonization. His paintings exemplify the internal contradictions and tensions of the literati or scholar-amateur artist, and they have been interpreted as an invective against art-historical canonization.

The content of the document was "A notice concerning the work for maintaining stability". During the evening one journalist from Shaanxi, without thinking, brought up rumor that had spread on the Internet concerning General Secretary Jiang Zemin and the singer Song Zuying.

They are more rigorous, cruel and efficient than the Propaganda Department itself, because they are the heads of news departments and belong to the "intellectual elite. During a minute visit with Shi in Marchauthorities did not allow his mother and brother to give medication to Shi, who was then suffering from the flu.

Shi Tao: China frees journalist jailed over Yahoo emails

He has extended his thanks to all PEN colleagues who supported him during his long detention. In this manner of self-protection, media companies are able to go on existing, while following a principle of "not assisting and not creating trouble.

Everyone freely discussed the politics of the time, offering their thoughts and ideas. Imitation was valued over innovation, and although Shitao was clearly influenced by his predecessors namely Ni Zan and Li Yonghis art breaks with theirs in several new and fascinating ways.

The case was settled out of Shi tao around November 15, As the carefully painted landscape degenerates into Pollock -esque splatters, the viewer is forced to recognize that the painting is not transparent immediate, in the most literal sense meaning without media in the way it initially purports to be.

When their competitors have received criticism, and a warning from the police, or their publishing title is revoked for restructuring or a "large-scale reorganization," the true colors of the informers are revealed, and they hold banquets to celebrate their success.

Shi Tao was transferred to Prison No. In a colophon datedShitao wrote: Holdings Hong KongLtd. He is now permitted to write to his family. An analysis on the current situation: Informers emerge who participate in the restriction of the media by naming instances of "forbidden speech. In these conditions, people light fires to get the upper hand, desperately giving their help to the government.

This uniquely apperceptive work challenges accepted standards of beauty. Shitao moved from Wuchang, where he began his religious instruction, to Anhui in the s. Solely because they are labeled "ugly," the ink dots begin to take on a sort of abstract beauty.

Everybody tacitly understands this, and just tries hard to succeed in a private darkness.Shi Tao is a journalist, poet, and member of the Independent Chinese PEN Center serving a year sentence for “illegally divulging state secrets abroad" after he forwarded a Propaganda Department directive.

IPFA 2005 - Shi Tao

His conviction was based on. Shitao: Shitao, Chinese painter and theoretician who was, with Zhu Da, one of the most famous of the Individualist painters in the early Qing period. Like Zhu, Shitao was of the formerly imperial Ming line and became a Buddhist monk; but unlike Zhu he seems to have led a life typical of his class and.

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Shi Tao is serving a year sentence in China on charges of "leaking state secrets abroad." Shi worked as an editor for Dangdai Shang Bao (Contemporary Trade News), a newspaper in the city of Changsha, in Hunan Province.

He also wrote essays calling for political reform that were posted on overseas.

Shi tao
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