Syntel online written test papers

From 2 alone we know that some of the numbers must be positive and some negative, but once again, we have no information on the actual numbers. Hence answer C Statement 1 alone is sufficient, but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question B.

Selection procedure is based on the screening test, followed by two rounds of interviews. Find the ratio of mango to orange. And so we should note that 2 gives us one point and the answer must be B or D.

Statement 1 can have a variety of solutions n could be 2, or 4 or a fractional number or negative etc. The arithmetic mean of the set is zero.

Candidates should prepare your resume in the best possible way as it plays a crucial role in the final interview. Then what is the strength in The Company leverages dedicated vertical and service Centers of Excellence along with a flexible Global Delivery Model to deliver solutions that drive innovation, improve quality and reduce costs for Global clients.

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Three circles with same radius r are drawn with centres as three vertices of a triangle. Indicate your answer A. Sue working alone would take 10 hours to do the job. What is the slope of line l which passes through the origin of a rectangular coordinate system? Each statement alone is sufficient Answer: Our unique blend of operations knowledge and applications experience yields custom solutions for YOUR business, delivered with exceptional quality, unprecedented speed, and at great value.

A maximum of one year break between their intermediate studies and engineering admission is allowed. To get the ratio we need total numbers male to total numbers female. Candidates can expect questions that measure their aptitude ability and technical knowledge in the screening test.

Candidates having backlogs are not eligible to apply.

Syntel Placement Papers

Food is sufficient for men for 60 days. So the answer must be A or D. Find the average of reciprocals of x and y: The length of one of the pieces is 20 cm. Our growth is attributed to our "customer for life" commitment and ability to continually reinvent ourselves and expand our services to adapt to the shifts of the market and needs of our clients.

Now our equations can be solved because we have two equations and two unknowns. To succeed in this mission, our employees must maintain a client-focus and be willing to go that extra mile.

The registration process and more details about the placement process are briefed below. All even numbers when divided by 2 will give us whole numbers, and so the answer is B.Download Syntel placement papers with solutions, interview questions, selection process & exam pattern for placements.

Get free written test PDF today. Practice Syntel Inc. Mock Test Online, Syntel Inc. Latest Selection ProcedureSyntel Inc. Online practice set,Syntel Inc. Placement Preparation. Re: Previous 4 years Syntel Online Placement Papers with Answers?

Syntel Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers

sir i want syntel previous written test papers please forward those papers sir to [email protected] # Download the PDF of Syntel Placement Papers and prepare well for the Syntel Online written test. Visit our website regularly for fresh updates on job opportunities, Test Patterns, Interview Questions, etc.

Start Mock Online Test: Mock Paper: Answer Key: Syntel - Company Profile: Placement procedure: Written Exam (Total 45 question in 45 minutes) Paper 1:Logical Reasoning(25 questions), Verbal ability(20 questions).

Get Online Practice Test for Syntel Preparation along with Interview and Technical questions. All the placement papers are so carefully designed by our team of experts in order to match the level of difficulty, types of questions asked comparable to the actual selection procedure of Syntel.

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Syntel online written test papers
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